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SilverLine Delivers Compelling Live Video Experiences For Endurance Sporting Events

SilverLine Delivers Compelling Live Video Experiences For Endurance Sporting Events

Endurance sporting event sponsorship has evolved. The days of branded t-shirts and water stations defining sponsorship opportunities are over. Digital activation is now a key demand for lifestyle brands and sporting event sponsors. Online video is the most important aspect of delivering a successful digital sponsorship for a live sporting event.

SilverLine Global is the leading sponsored media activation platform for mass participation endurance sports events. Co-founder and President Holden Comeau stated, “SilverLine was founded on the premise that endurance sports needed to evolve. The industry desperately needed a catalyst to connect great events with rapidly changing technology that could provide relevant content and a compelling sponsorship benefit.” SilverLine continues to innovate along these lines with new digital activation platforms such as their community event challenges and digital event day hubs, though live streaming and video on-demand remain at the heart their success.

With video as a core competency, SilverLine makes it easy for event organizers to launch their own video portal experience. These branded sites offer strong digital components before, during, and after an event. By incorporating live and on-demand content, they are able to reach a target group of athletes by advertising a live online experience specifically branded for athletes and fans.

SilverLine is focused on integrating and developing key technology that helps deliver attendance, sponsorship success, and monetization goals. SilverLine understands the intricacies of delivering live video and web experiences across platforms, networks, and devices globally. They partner with video platform company Brightcove to deliver on their vision. Brightcove’s trusted brand, global reach, premium support, and flexible platform tools are essential to SilverLine’s product offering. This partnership delivers experiences that drive monetization for sponsors, while providing engaging video experiences for endurance athletes and fans globally.

Brightcove has powered online video for SilverLine for a number of years. As the industry has evolved, so has the technology and the partnership. SilverLine has expanded its offerings to clients from merely video playback to the creation of custom branded microsites for each event, focused on live and on-demand video as well as social media interaction, related content links, sponsorship advertising, and even related subsites.

As SilverLine’s business evolves, their clients’ needs are changing. Clients are looking for  turnkey digital experiences to drive fan engagement, sponsorships, and revenue. To lead and innovate in this area, SliverLine is leveraging Brightcove’s Video Marketing Suite to rollout a new set of live video engagement platform experiences. These new experiences are built on Brightcove’s Gallery and Live Streaming platforms. This enables SliverLine to launch branded video portals for clients on-the-fly from pre-set templates and layouts. These portals are assigned to custom domains and branded per the client’s specific needs.  

The resulting live and on-demand video experiences are controlled by SilverLine. This control allows their clients to drive fan engagement year-round, sponsorship opportunities (within the videos and on the page level), and event monetization goals. Using Brightcove as their platform, SilverLine is able to focus on their core business and create native content that drives sponsorship goals.

To see SilverLine and Brightcove in action, check out The Providence Cyclo-Cross Festival on October 2-4, 2015 in Providence, Rhode Island.

The event features LIVE EVENT COVERAGE on Saturday October 3 starting at 3:15pm ET and:

  • Three days of UCI Cyclo-cross racing, Oct. 2-4, 2015
  • Infield Industry Trade Show and Exposition
  • Racers will be in attendance from throughout America, Canada and Europe
  • More that 10,000 Spectators, Participants and Exhibitors are expected each day
  • “LIVE” International Webcast Saturday!

To watch the event live, visit the event video portal with live and on-demand content as the event happens.

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