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Maximize Reach Across Mobile Devices with Brightcove Native SDKs for iOS and Android

Maximize Reach Across Mobile Devices with Brightcove Native SDKs for iOS and Android

It’s that time of year again where application developers set aside valuable time to ensure their apps are ready for the new iOS and Android operating system updates. While developers will be focused on regression testing and exploring new features, those using the Brightcove Mobile SDKs for their video needs will have one less thing to worry about. Brightcove’s Mobile SDKs are ready on day-one of major version releases to ensure your apps don’t experience any technical issues as a result of the upgrade.

The mobile market is comprised of various device versions and manufacturers. Content owners need to capitalize on all the most relevant builds and devices to maximize their audience reach and their users’ experiences. 

The charts above display the spread of video views across versions of iOS and Android seen by our Mobile SDKs in the native mobile environment. A snapshot from earlier this month, sets of data like these help our Mobile SDK team tell a compelling story about how we are reaching the widest set of devices with the best quality product. Looking at past experiences, we can see how these charts shift and how quickly that transition will occur in the coming months.

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Looking back at the transition from iOS7 to iOS8 we can see that a substantial amount of users upgraded quickly, though Android tends to have a slower adoption rate. Regardless of their device, when a user decides to upgrade they expect a superior user experience, free from technical issues or glitches. Failure to support them can result in negative app reviews and highlights the necessity of day-one support for a major OS version release.

To maximize the exposure of your content it is essential to support the devices your users operate. The Brightcove Mobile SDKs take the hassle away from worrying about your video implementation with day-one support for major version releases to ensure that your audience won’t suffer for taking advantage of the latest and greatest.

Use our Native Player SDKs to create an exceptional video experience in your app