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How to Boost Your Online Sales: A Little Video Goes a Long Way

How to Boost Your Online Sales: A Little Video Goes a Long Way

We all love online shopping, but do you sometimes think there’s something missing? If you do, you’re not alone -- it seems British shoppers are addicted to online shopping, but they miss the sensory experience of being in-store. This insight is one of many revealed by the findings from a new report published by Brightcove. This report lifts the lid on consumer attitudes regarding online shopping and reveals what retailers need to do to boost online sales. 

The report -- ‘The perfect fit: How video marketing can boost your online sales’ -- explains that over three-quarters (77%) of consumers say more ‘real life’ experiences – via video and multimedia content – would help drive them to make a purchase on UK fashion sites. It’s a remarkably clear message that better use of video, images, and rich, interactive content is not just a nice-to-have, it’s essential for better sales figures.

But why is it so important? And how exactly does it help? The answer is a fascinating insight into the near-future of online shopping. Shoppers miss the tactile quality of the in-store shopping experience -- nearly two-thirds (65%) of Brits still miss being able to try on, touch, and feel products. This means video and other types of content have an opportunity to plug the gap and bring more of the traditional shopping experience to online retailing. 

We’re already seeing some retailers add style tips videos to individual product pages, giving the user ideas for how to wear a particular garment and complementary products from other lines. Online retailers can also benefit from video content that helps the user understand how the item looks and feels -- giving them the full experience of how the garment hangs and moves.

The report also identifies three distinct trends in online shopping and explains what these trends mean for your sales and marketing activities:

  • Multi-screen is the future: By 2020, over a third (39%) of Gen X expect to do their shopping via mobile devices, PC, and their TVs. 
  • Video content counts: On top of the 77% of shoppers who said video can sway their buying decisions, another third (31%) of shoppers called for a more tailored experience and personalised video content.
  • The ‘experience’ still matters: While nearly two-thirds of Brits (64%) said they are missing the touch-and-feel experience, one in ten (10%) said they’d like more opportunities to share their experience with friends and family.

The Perfect fit: How video marketing can boost your online sales identifies three key  demographics, representing key audience groups for online retailers. In the report, we provide essential information on what these groups are looking for to help you to target them effectively, create an amazing online experience and drive sales.

Learn how video marketing can boost your online sales!