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The New Video Cloud is Now Available!

The New Video Cloud is Now Available!

We are very excited to announce that the New Video Cloud is now available to all of our customers!

Today, you can log into the New Video Cloud Studio at The New Studio is faster and easier to use than ever before. We’ve built out an entirely new mobile-friendly UI on top of our latest generation APIs, and we’ve added tons of new features and functionality that will improve your workflows and allow you to get your video content out to your viewers faster.

High Quality Video Experiences

Not only can you choose any of our standard ingest profiles as you’re uploading videos, but you can also create your own custom ingest profiles and select from any of them depending on the type of content you are ingesting. This will allow you to deliver the highest quality video playback to your end viewers when you publish your videos through the New Brightcove Player!

Mobile Access

We know that many of our customers are often on-the-go, so we’ve optimized the New Studio to work on tablets and phones as well as your desktop. You can now upload videos, edit metadata, view analytics, and even grab the embed code for a player right from your phone or tablet device!

Performance and Ease of Use

The new Media Module now loads thousands of videos in seconds, allowing you to spend less time searching for videos and waiting for lists of videos to load, and enabling you to get your content out faster. With the flexible new Folders feature in the media module, you can easily organize your content into groups of related videos based on category, web property, distribution channel, or any other way that suits your needs! The New Studio was designed for effortless navigation within modules and between modules. Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can copy the embed code for your player with the content assigned in as few as two clicks!

Custom Analytics

We’ve also added a very exciting new feature in the Analytics module called the Custom Report Generator that enables Enterprise customers to create custom reports, pull data from any number of Video Cloud accounts, filter the reports by tags, and even schedule the reports to be sent to anyone in your organization on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Control & Security

Finally, we’ve added additional user roles for the Upload and Analytics modules. You can now provide users on your account with upload-only access so they can upload videos but won’t have the ability to edit, delete, or publish existing videos in your account. The Analytics user role has also been added to the New Studio so that users who only need to view/run reports can get access to just the Analytics module.

We can’t wait for you to start using the New Video Cloud! We’ve put together a migration guide and FAQ that will help answer any questions you may have as you move over to the New Video Cloud: And one final note for existing customers, the New Video Cloud Studio is a separate UI from the legacy Studio and you can easily switch between the two UIs as needed. When you log in to the New Studio you will see all of your existing videos and account settings, and any edits you make to metadata on your videos or any new videos you upload will show up in both UIs.

Log into the New Video Cloud Today!