3 Ways You Can Use Facebook Video to Drive Business

3 Ways You Can Use Facebook Video to Drive Business

Facebook Social Video Series: Take a deeper look into how adding Facebook to your video mix can significantly elevate your digital presence, build new audiences, and extend your brand.

Facebook is putting serious effort into making their platform the #1 social video spot for brands and marketers. Facebook’s video features and targeting capabilities we discussed in the first two Facebook blog posts (3 Features that Make Facebook Video Great and How Heineken is Succeeding with Facebook Video) make the platform an exceptional video channel. Brightcove was announced as a video partner at the F8 keynote this year, so we realize that doing social video is important. We also have a few tips about how you can best leverage Facebook’s video potential.

1. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook’s massive network gathers large amounts of data that are extremely valuable to marketers. When uploading a video natively to Facebook, the scale of your distribution is typically limited to those users who have “liked” your brand. Facebook’s organic reach, meaning the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution, can be minimal. If you want to take full advantage of Facebook’s advertising potential you will need to pay for Facebook Ads.

When using Facebook Ads, you can specifically target your consumer so that your video lands right in their newsfeed. The Facebook Ad manager helps you target audiences by age, gender, interests, behaviors, employment, life events and more. For example, if a local waterpark uploads a promotional video to Facebook, they can pay to have the video be a promoted Facebook Ad. From there they can target people who 1) live in the area 2) like water-parks/thrill-rides and 3) have kids. By doing this, a brand or business can strategically market to those who will be interested in their product!

2. Keep Your Video Short

When uploading a video to Facebook you should keep the length 1-2 minutes at most.

Viewers’ attention spans decrease by the day and nobody wants to watch a 5-10 minute video these days. If you read our last Facebook blog post you know that according to Visible Measures, marketers have only 10 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention before they click away from a video. On top of that, 45% of viewers will click away from a video after just 1 minute. If you keep your video short and sweet, you will get your message across to the viewer while creating a comfortable and quick viewing experience.

Brightcove Quick Tip : When natively uploading a video to Facebook, be sure to have motion in the first few frames of your video. Facebook’s autoplay feature will allow the video to automatically start playing when scrolling over it in the news feed. The motion in the first frames of your video will grab the viewer’s attention and give you a much better shot at the them actually watching your video, rather than scrolling right past it!

3. Strategically Embed Facebook Video Players

Now that Facebook added embedding options to their video player, your Facebook videos can be seen everywhere! But, how do you decide which player to embed if you use an online video platform (OVP), YouTube, AND Facebook?

You should think strategically about where you leverage these video players. A great location for an embedded Facebook video is a blog or 3rd party site. Social content, like blog posts and syndicated videos, can be tied to the content a marketer posts on Facebook. Keeping similar content together in this way strengthens a brand’s online presence and unifies the message. With this strategy, you can direct your social video audience to your most important social channels, like Facebook, to build community and drive social engagement.

Marketers should now keep YouTube videos on YouTube, and not put them on Facebook. Through gained subscribers and views, a brand or business can still increase awareness through YouTube videos. YouTube is still a major destination for consumers who want to watch videos, so be sure to always set up a next step to drive them to your own website for further engagement and/or conversion.

Finally, make sure you have an online video platform, like Brightcove Video Cloud, on the brand or business’ website. A beautifully branded video player that works seamlessly within the flow of a website adds professionalism to one’s overall brand. You can also do more with a professional player, like integrate with other marketing systems, capture leads, and add interactivity. All of these are powerful tools to bring your video strategy to the next level.

By using these 3 video marketing techniques with Facebook video, you can drive great traffic and business! Facebook gets over 4 billion video views per day and that number is going to keep growing. If you want to reach your audience with social video and precise targeting specifications, Facebook can help get the job done!

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