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Mobile Video Makes its Mark in Australia

Mobile Video Makes its Mark in Australia

The days of the traditional TV screen as the main entertainment consumption source in every household is becoming a distant memory. People around the world are consuming more and more video content on mobile devices, redefining the TV experience. And Australia is no exception, with one in three Aussies now watching long-form content on their phones every day, according to IAB’s recent study, ‘Mobile Video 2015: A Global Perspective’. The study crystallised just how important mobile video has become globally, and we recapped some of the key takeaways on the blog recently.

According to IAB, Australians are now watching much of this mobile video content after 8pm. And nearly one in five Australians are watching videos on their phone during commuting hours. Additionally, some 33 per cent are watching more video on mobiles than a year ago, showing that Australians are becoming more and more addicted to the small screen.

A lot has been said about how the shift to mobile has opened up a new range of opportunities for the whole content industry, from producers and marketers to platform operators and broadcasters. There is a potential to capture and engage with new audiences, produce entirely new types of content, and monetise this content in more creative ways.

However, a lot still needs to be done to fully harness these opportunities. The challenge is determining how to monetise content where the audiences are and in a way that doesn’t drive them away. IAB’s study shows four out of five Australians prefer to watch free videos subsidised with ads, versus paid content. But a resounding number of survey respondents — some 82 per cent — said they wanted those advertisements to be tailored to them, based on their video history, rather than see untargeted, generic advertisements.

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