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Long Form Viewing on Mobile Up, Revenue Gap Persists say IAB and eMarketer

Long Form Viewing on Mobile Up, Revenue Gap Persists say IAB and eMarketer

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and eMarketer both released new data this week on the continued growth of mobile video viewing while also citing the slower uptick in advertising to capitalize on this shift in consumer viewing behavior.

Among the highlights of IAB’s “Mobile Video Usage: A Global Perspective” was that longer-form video is capturing attention on mobile screens across the globe. 36% of respondents stated they watch videos that are 5-minutes or longer on their phones daily or more frequently, with consumers from Turkey, Finland, and China in particular cited as more frequent viewers of longer form content. The survey of consumers from 24 countries from around the world who watch smartphone video also showed that video viewing via smartphone, short or long form, continues to increase with strongest growth seen in the U.S. (50%), Canada (42%) and New Zealand (42%). On the advertising side of the equation, while 28% of respondents cited that they often see the same ad on mobile video that they’ve already seen on TV, 80% expressed interest in a more tailored/customized ad experience.

Over at eMarketer, while their reporting cited the growth in mobile video viewing as well - they also focused on the lag in mobile advertising spending compared to the growth on the consumer side. According to their latest report, mobile represents 51% of the viewing minutes, but just one third of the advertising dollars.

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