Georgetown University Enrolls Video to Increase Online Engagement

Georgetown University Enrolls Video to Increase Online Engagement

With approximately 3,000 four-year colleges and universities in the United States, competition is fierce among leading schools for top students. For students, too, deciding where to spend the next four years of life is a critical and emotion-evoking decision. To stand out among the competition and to deepen engagement with prospective students and their families, Georgetown University has been incorporating more and more video into its content marketing mix. A smart move for sure, as video is proven to be the best tool to drive awareness and conversion.

To complement its flagship website, the university launched a video-centric website called Georgetown Everywhere, which includes event coverage, features on campus life, stories about university athletics and a student-produced program called Georgetown Buzz. Through the video content, prospective students are able to get immersed in the culture of the university without stepping foot on campus. While a campus tour provides a view into the physical environment the university has to offer, video provides a feeling of what it’s actually like to be a student at Georgetown.

On top of centralizing its terrific video content to engage the Georgetown community and others, the university also wanted to make the content available across a wide array of mobile devices, tablets, websites and on TV. By utilizing Brightcove Gallery, Georgetown not only benefits from beautiful and engaging video experiences, they are also saving thousands. Because they can bundle everything into one package with Gallery, they were able to drop the native coder for iOS and Android apps they were previously using, and immediately experienced a $1,500/month savings.

Georgetown everywhere adds about 10 new videos each month and is on pace to stream nearly 1,000 videos by the end of 2015. To learn more about how Georgetown University leveraged Brightcove Gallery to launch its new site within a matter of days, check out the complete case study.

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