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Driving Revenue with OTT

Driving Revenue with OTT

As expected, one of the hot topics at Brightcove PLAY this year was OTT video services. Brightcove customers including Drama Fever, Popcornflix, AcornTV and others were featured during the event and the discussion about best practices spilled over from the first day of the event to our “Training Day” held at Brightcove’s offices.

As part of Training Day, Steve Booth from Vindicia, a Brightcove partner that helps digital businesses build subscription and recurring revenue, led a workshop entitled “Paid Content 101” to discuss strategies and field questions around developing, executing, and monetizing OTT services. We grabbed some of his comments on how to migrate customers to a paid model here:

…but there’s a lot more to learn about on the topic.

To that end, and to offer further guidance, Brightcove and Vindicia partnered with FierceCable to produce “Overcoming the 5 Challenges to Launching OTT Services."

This free ebook takes an in-depth look at some of the challenges of the OTT landscape and offers thoughts and recommendations on how to solve them including new developments with dynamic ad insertion, ways to create a more elegant user experience, and pricing strategies.

Download the free ebook today!

Enjoy and please reach out with any questions!