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Register for Once Live 2.0 Beta - Monetize Live Streaming with Mid-roll, In-stream Advertising for Events and 24/7 Broadcasts

Register for Once Live 2.0 Beta - Monetize Live Streaming with Mid-roll, In-stream Advertising for Events and 24/7 Broadcasts

With the growing demand from customers for live streaming to any number of Internet connected devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs and streaming boxes like AppleTV and Amazon FireTV), broadcasters and other media publishers have been seeking out ways to capitalize on the opportunity and ensure a compelling return on investment.

2014 saw an impressive upswing in live event streaming. Advertising technology partner Freewheel reported a 297% growth in live video viewing, driven primarily by sports streaming and news simulcasts, with tentpole events like the World Cup smashing live streaming records. In addition to event-based live streaming, increasing numbers of networks (such as Brightcove customer CSPAN) are going over the top with 24/7 Internet distribution of their linear feeds.

A couple of challenges have consistently limited the adoption of live streaming for many major media companies: Reaching the total potential audience due to the difficulties in live streaming to all connected devices, and monetizing live streams with seamless mid-roll ads (without compromising the viewer’s experience).

Brightcove is proud to announce the Limited-Beta availability of our next generation of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) for live streams: Once Live 2.0. If you’re a content provider that recognizes the opportunity to delight your audiences with live streaming and want to profitably derive revenue through advertising, we’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Through our Limited-Beta program, we are looking to work closely with content providers to get early feedback on the service and guide our future roadmap.

Once Live is targeted at media publishers -- from news, weather, sports and lifestyle events, to the simulcast of 24/7 live linear broadcasts. For those delivering 24/7 linear broadcasts, Once Live provides an effective solution for seamlessly and dynamically replacing broadcast ads with new ads targeted to online viewers.

Once Live uses server-side ad insertion (SSAI) to dynamically stitch mid-roll ads and content together prior to streaming, allowing content providers to:

  1. Increase reach and build audience: SSAI removes the dependency on client-side applications to make ad calls and process ad responses. By removing this dependency and abstracting the ad insertion from the client software, Once Live provides an avenue for content providers to create a live stream with in-stream ad insertion, extending reach by reliably distributing monetized streams to a wide array of targeted consumer devices. This also enables monetization on tricky platforms like mobile web and Apple TV.
  2. Maximize ad monetization: Using Once Live, broadcasters are no longer limited to ad monetization via simple pre-roll. By opening up the opportunity to mirror broadcast ad loads and/or initiate mid-roll ads opportunistically throughout a stream, content providers can greatly increase their monetizable inventory (avails) and drive significant revenue.
  3. Provide a high quality user experience: With conventional client-side ad insertion, the ad request, response, delivery and playback (insertion) requires interaction between client device/player, the ad server and potential ad sources. SSAI handles the interactions completely in the cloud, stitching the content and ad streams together prior to delivery to the client device and thereby mitigating the risk of delays, timeouts, or other delivery issues that inevitably compromise the viewing experience. Once Live encodes all content for distribution and ensures that ad quality is on par with content quality, providing a seamless, broadcast-like streaming experience, and delighting viewers across an array of consumed end points.

If you’re interested in defining the future of live video streaming and working with our beta release, please contact us here.