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How to Become a Video Marketing Hero!

Tired of being stuck with average results for your video marketing efforts? Have no fear...the Hero’s Guide to Video Marketing is here to help!

We are excited to unveil Part 1 of of our new Hero’s Guide, a resource that covers the core pillars of a successful video marketing strategy, from strategic planning to content development and distribution. Part 1 lays out the tools every successful video marketer needs with the Video Marketing Hero’s Utility Belt. Here’s a peek at the 6 gadgets the belt contains:

  • Brand & Voice: Without a consistent brand, identity and voice, marketing efforts become disjointed and disorganized
  • Distribution: Marketers have a responsibility to distribute content to a target audience to drive interest and engagement; video content is no exception
  • Discovery: Marketers need to provide ways for target audiences to discover them, and video can help with just that
  • Portals: These are a great way for marketers to have a central place to showcase content while also making it easy for your audience to discover it
  • Marketing Automation: This can be an incredibly powerful tool to engage your prospects and customers in real-time with relevant content
  • Analytics: If you can’t measure it, you can’t understand it, improve upon it and achieve better results

Get the Hero's Guide to Video Marketing and the Utility Belt infographic