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4 Takeaways and More Sights & Sounds from NAB

4 Takeaways and More Sights & Sounds from NAB

The Brightcove booth at the LVCC was a hive of activity over the last 4 days. Customers, prospects, partners and industry analysts packed the meeting rooms (and, naturally, the happy hour) to get updates, ask great questions and get advice on executing against their current opportunities.

From my vantage point (and my schedule had a different blend of meetings than others on the BC team) – a number of things got me excited. I’ll share four of them and then point back to our “Sights and Sounds of NAB” Gallery where friends from Facebook, Gannett, SpotXChange, RLJ, nScreenMedia, Parks Associates and others share theirs.

1. Brightcove as a platform. Given its leadership position, global scale, and longevity Brightcove has developed a rich ecosystem of partner companies over the years. We’ve had guest presentations at PLAY but this may have been the 1st time that a few of them showed off some compelling joint customer use cases at our booth. Businesses like IRIS.TV are flourishing on the platform and educating visiting customers about the opportunity to drive additional views through their content discovery and recommendation solution. Neon did the same and actually won “Best of NAB 2015” from Streaming Media with its thumbnail optimization work on top of the show’s Brightcove-powered live stream. Congrats!

Two keys to what makes this possible are the fact that so much of Video Cloud and our modular services (Zencoder, Perform, Once) are accessible via robust APIs and that the Brightcove Player, with its Video.js heritage, has a rich ecosystem of easily configurable plugins.

2. Live Linear is hot. Among broadcasters, no Brightcove solution seemed to generate as much conversation as Once Live. More about that here.

3. Convergence of broadcast and digital workflows. The booths of the different types of providers may have been somewhat separated in the LVCC but the meeting schedules of our customers and the tales they told of internal reorgs with an eye towards faster and more comprehensive publishing of video – across endpoints and with complete metadata and monetization - screamed opportunity. Titus from RLJ agrees.

4. The Brightcove team brought it. Helping as a team, across functions and geographies, on the floor with customers and off of it at the 4k4Charity run.

Check out our updated Gallery of NAB action here.