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PrimeTime Entertainment Goes Live with Brightcove

While Netflix is anticipated to launch beyond US shores in 2015, Thailand-based PrimeTime Entertainment went live on Sunday March 1st, and is set to create ripples of its own in the OTT video streaming landscape as the country’s newest premium on-demand streaming service.

Backed by DNA 2002 Plc, a home entertainment distributor and retailer in Thailand, PrimeTime oversees DNA’s video-on-demand services as the company looks to diversify into the digital distribution business.

Since piracy remains a big issue in the Asia-Pacific region, giving users instant access to high-quality Hollywood movies and TV series at affordable prices is key. PrimeTime Entertainment offers a rich selection of thousands of TV series and movies from major studios like Walt Disney, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, NBC Universal and Sony Pictures, which are made available to customers 3 to 4 months after their global theatrical releases. Its movie and TV series catalog is also updated with new shows on a weekly basis, dubbed in Thai or with English/Thai subtitles. Videos come in full high-definition quality and with 5.1 surround sound - the first of its kind in Thailand.

PrimeTime takes advantage of Brightcove’s Zencoder cloud-based encoding service to realise instant scalability and the fastest encoding times to support its speed-to-market initiatives. Our rich API capabilities also allow PrimeTime to seamlessly integrate the service back into its broader content workflow and scale media processing operations in the cloud.

For more information, read the Brightcove full press release here.

A huge congrats to our friends at PrimeTime for their successful launch this week! Tune in below for a video about the service.