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3 Reasons to Incorporate Video into Your MAP Strategy

3 Reasons to Incorporate Video into Your MAP Strategy

Marketing automation is transforming customer engagement, helping brands deliver the right content to the right people at the right time more effectively than ever. For digital marketers, marketing automation platforms (MAP) are the heart of the modern marketing machine: tracking leads, nurturing contacts, and powering creative campaigns. Incorporating video into your MAP strategy presents an immense opportunity to get even more out of your marketing automation investment to drive some serious business results.

Not convinced? Here are the 3 reasons to incorporate video into your MAP strategy:

Increase engagement: Video is about more than just pressing play - it’s about understanding engagement. The play button is one of the more compelling calls to action and had been found to significantly increase conversion rates. Adding an engaging video icon to an email or landing page gives customers a better and easier way to engage with you.

Gain insight into the buyer journey: With video comes metrics, which will help you understand how video fits into the overall buyer’s journey. The insight from video engagement rates can help you understand what your customers are actually interested in at each stage of the buyer journey.

Optimize nurture strategy: Video makes it possible to measure interest with a high degree of accuracy. Video takes you deeper: did they click “play?” How much did they watch—a quarter of the video, or half, or the whole thing? What was the last thing they saw before they stopped, and which information had they taken in by that point? By tracking that kind of data - within the same marketing automation environment as your non-video metrics - you can better quantify the impact of each video on engagement and messaging, and guide the development of even more effective video content.

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