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2015: The Year for Online Video in Australia?

2015: The Year for Online Video in Australia?

2015 is shaping up to be a huge year for online video, and we’re thrilled that we can play a part in helping local media companies stream video seamlessly across any device.

Screen Australia just released an analysis of some recent Nielsen data that shows just how much Aussies are watching online video. In fact, half of all internet users are watching movies and TV online now, and it’s not just millennials.

The top online video service is YouTube, with 16 Australian channels having more than one million subscribers. But this is closely followed by ABC iView, PLUS7, SBS On Demand, and tenplay.

Interestingly, it seems Australian video on-demand (VOD) levels the playing field for local productions. At the cinema, 59% of viewership is big Hollywood blockbusters, with 21% watching independent films and 31% Australian cinema. With online video, the number of people viewing Hollywood blockbusters falls to 33%.

While online video is booming, we still see a lot of area for growth this year and beyond. According to the data, Australians would watch more VOD if they had a better internet connection (51% of people), had the technical knowledge to set up VOD (47%), and had more content available (44%). Media companies that use technology that makes VOD easier and simpler than ever before stand to gain a huge boost in viewership.

The cross-medium potential can’t be underestimated either. Although VOD uses sophisticated recommendation technology, 58% of VOD viewers still hear about movies or TV shows through word of mouth, 58% through traditional TV advertising, 44% from program guides, and 36% from social media.

You can view the rest of the Screen Australia study here.

What do you think will be the biggest driver of online video in 2015?