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Video is Social and Social is Video

Video is Social and Social is Video

Although we’re only in the first month of 2015, video has already received its fair share of attention. Particularly with social media, it’s clear that video is becoming a key player on every major network. People are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did just one year ago and it’s no secret that the social network is narrowing in on YouTube; Facebook now accounts for 60% of global video shares. There have also been rumblings that Twitter is expected to drop a new video feature any day now.

This wide and quick adoption of video all comes down to one thing: the human population loves it! And they want more of it across every online experience. In fact, with video increasingly attracting the most attention within social networks, we could attest that video is actually the new social media. Video is human, and humans are the pillars that social media revolves around.

As this cohesion between social media and video continues, it has many implications for brands. Now, when you hear that your brand needs to be on social, it’s also implying that your brand needs to use video. If you’re utilizing social media, but you’re not incorporating video, you’re not using the medium effectively. You’re missing a huge opportunity and not reaching your audience how they want to be reached.

Beyond social media, video as a marketing asset has time and time again proven to help brands drive awareness, engagement and conversion. To borrow a phrase from our friends at the Content Marketing Institute, “Don't build your house on rented land.” While social is quickly becoming a vital place to distribute your video content, you don’t “own” those networks or fans, so your primary goal should be to build your own fan base by publishing video across your own site.

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