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Gallery Innovations: Player Options

Gallery Innovations: Player Options

Since we launched Gallery we have continued to innovate and have made some exciting additions and enhancements to it! This week we’re highlighting some new player capabilities that will add a new dimension to your Gallery sites.

Bring on the New Brightcove Player!
Immediately engage viewers with the new, ultra-fast Brightcove player! Fully responsive and mobile- and HTML5-first, Gallery users can now utilize the new Brightcove Player, which also happens to be the fastest Brightcove player ever.

To get started, customers can select an existing New Brightcove Player template or have one configured on the fly within the Gallery module. Existing customers will need to update their Player selection to update their Gallery site with the New Brightcove Player. Legacy players will continue to be supported.

Auto-play of Next Video in a Collection
Further increase customer engagement through auto-play, which seamlessly allows automatic viewing of the next video in a collection. This allows site visitors to easily discover content and spend less time searching for something new to watch. All sites created after Dec 5 will have this new best practice enabled by default. If your site was created prior to Dec 5, you can enable the new player in the ‘Custom’ tab while in ‘Edit Site’ mode. This feature can also easily be toggled on/off within the UI.

Download Now Button
Create more user-friendly experiences through the Download Now button, which is now GA. This feature gives Gallery users the option to enable all videos to be downloadable, allowing site visitors to further engage with the brand offline. You also have the option to enable the button on a per video level via custom fields. You can access this option under Settings → Custom.

Stay tuned for more Gallery innovation announcements over the next several weeks!