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Brightcove Player SDK for iOS Releases

Brightcove Player SDK for iOS Releases

We are excited to announce the release of our integration with Omniture for the Brightcove Player SDK for iOS, updates to our integration with Google’s IMA SDK, and a new patch (version 4.2.2) of the core SDK!

Omniture iOS SDK
Our new Omniture Plugin can be easily added to any Brightcove iOS SDK implementation to provide additional analytics data; it also takes advantage of both data collection methodologies offered by Omniture: Heartbeat and Milestone. Heartbeat, the more recent of the two options, emits pulses every 10 seconds during content playback for a more accurate picture of where viewers are in the video. Milestone, on the other hand, uses pre-defined points in the video that when passed emit their corresponding events.

To get started, grab version 1.0.1 of the Omniture Integration and review the README along with the sample application for implementation guidance.

Google IMA SDK
In other news, we continue to chase Google as they burn through beta versions of their IMA iOS SDK. Our latest release of the IMA Plugin has been updated to use IMA 3.0 beta10 and includes the ability to pass in your own ad view instead of relying on a view strategy. We highly recommend following along with the action in the Google IMA SDK Forums as well as reading up on changes they announce.

Make sure to get version 1.2 of the IMA Plugin, and for more information on the plugin release check out the GitHub repo’s changelog and README files.

Core SDK
While we have you clicking on links, be sure to update to the latest version of the Brightcove iOS SDK 4.2.2 to take advantage of some cosmetic bug fixes! For more details on the core SDK release check out the official changelog