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New Research: Australian Marketers Look to Create More Engaging and Visual Content

New Research: Australian Marketers Look to Create More Engaging and Visual Content

This year, Brightcove partnered with Content Marketing Institute (CMI) on their third annual content marketing survey, which polls marketers in Australia on how they use content as part of the marketing mix. The results of the survey provide beneficial insight into challenges and future initiatives. This year’s research revealed that half (50%) of marketers cited producing engaging content and the ability to measure content effectiveness as top challenges.

The Content Marketing in Australia 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends survey showed that Australian marketers, on average, used a combination of 12 content marketing tactics to drive their marketing program, with the top tier tactics ranging from social media, blogs, articles on the web, in-person events, case studies and video. In fact, 72% of Australian marketers indicated that they use video as part of their marketing mix. Additionally, 53% of marketers rated video as one of the most effective tactics. Not only does this reaffirm that video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but it shows that video can be the answer to what marketers cited as top challenges. According to the survey, Australian marketers are planning to increase the creation of visual content in the immediate future; certainly a promising sign. Come 2015, video is going to become a significant part of their content marketing program.

Other notable findings, which are illustrated in an infographic, include that of the 89% of marketers that use content marketing, only 24% say that they are effective at it. Interestingly enough, even though the majority (83%) say that they have a content marketing strategy, only 37% have it documented. It then comes as no surprise that the 37% who have a documented strategy are more effective in nearly all aspects of their content marketing program than those who do not have a documented strategy.

You can find these results and more in our research bundle, which consists of the full report and infographic. Download it today!