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Bringing the Best of Indian Entertainment to Every Device

Bringing the Best of Indian Entertainment to Every Device

Everyone knows about Hollywood, but did you know that the Indian film industry is actually the biggest in the world? In terms of the number of films produced and the number of tickets sold, India is the world leader, making it clear that Indians love and produce great entertainment.

Thanks to Spuul, a Singapore-based movie streaming service best described as a mix of Netflix and Hulu, the charm of Bollywood and the rest of the Indian film industry has been streaming to a growing fanbase of Indian film and movie buffs everywhere across the world since its official launch in 2012. From the vibrant song and dance numbers to Bollywood's own brand of escapist cinema for the masses, fans can view these films and blockbusters on mobile devices, PCs and connected TVs.

A strong believer in providing the best viewing experiences to customers who want to watch their favourite content whenever and wherever they want, Spuul turned to Brightcove Zencoder for a cloud-based transcoding solution. Zencoder offered huge scale and the ever-important future-proofing for Spuul to expand its media platform on today's array of interconnected devices including iOS, Android, Web, Mobile Web, Panasonic TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Google Chromecast, and Google TV.

With Zencoder, Spuul found a solution that:

  1. Provided a low total cost of ownership and a predicatable, cost-effective model versus DIY set-ups
  2. Enabled quick and easy integration to existing media workflows with the Zencoder APIs
  3. Provided speed-to-market and scalability with the latest mobile formats

To learn more about how Spuul utilises the Zencoder service, click here!