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Big on Video: Highlights from Digital Media Asia 2014

Big on Video: Highlights from Digital Media Asia 2014

Brightcove was at Digital Media Asia last week, a premier event for the publishing industry that discusses the future of delivering news media in a digital world. We were excited to see a marked shift in awareness as publishers from around the region expressed a heightened interest in online video and the organic opportunities it brings, particulary to mobile. Most significantly was a common understanding of the concept of video as a valuable asset for monetisation.

Here is a recap of the highlights we presented at our session:

  1. Social $$ -  As video is discovered and shared through social media channels, the monetisation opportunity is relatively untapped. With Brightcove, when a video asset is published on Twitter or Facebook, it is with the publisher's custom, branded player and includes advertising. A sell-out on pre-roll ads would therefore mean money in the bank for every video stream and incremental views through social and search optimisation.
  2. Monetise Everywhere - 30% of all desktop advertising currently goes up in smoke as a result of pop-up ad-blocking software. It is a real loss to the business, but by using cloud-delivered advertising solutions, advertisements are more likely to reach viewers and prevent ad performance loss caused by hard technical challenges of delivering video ads to mutliple devices and apps in a complex ecosystem.
  3. Pay to Play - Consumers may prefer free content but the percentage of consumers who have already paid, or would consider paying for content such as online newspaper subscriptions, is increasing. This is great news considering online video's ability to increasingly supply a variety of paid business models. Brightcove allows publishers to provide subscription or pay-per-view access to video content via plug-ins with leading payment and billing systems.
  4. 20/20 Fireside Chat - Brightcove was joined by special guest customer Roy Simangunsong, CEO of MNC Group, who recently led the re-design of their popular news and entertainment website Roy provided insights on the re-design and how video is now a key content offering ramping up the new Okezone. The website is also optimised for multi-screen devices with Brightcove enabling mobile video in a country that sees the 4th highest penetration rates in terms of mobile subscriptions globally.

To further drive readership and gain profitable revenue growth, publishers have begun to realise that their audiences are shifting to digital. News video content has the power to deepen engagement with audiences and expand monetisation opportunities with advertising and paid business models.

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