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How to Power Your Online Video Strategy for Sports

How to Power Your Online Video Strategy for Sports

Technology is bringing sports fans closer to all the action. Online video in particular is significantly leveling the playing field of sports video content. The viewing experience today is all about being social, mobile, and available on multiple screens. Viewers are taking a self-service approach over what, when, where and how they watch sports programming.

Whether it's the semi-finals, the finals or a season pass, the likelihood of viewers willing to pay to watch live sports content is high, making it a premium OTT content opportunity that broadcasters can and need to capitalise on. So how can a broadcaster meet fans’ expectations to deliver a near omni experience? What are the implications as engagement with fans and audiences increasingly shifts online?

Our new whitepaper, Video Strategy Playbook for Sports, outlines what every broadcaster needs to know to create an effective online video strategy for sports content from understanding sports fan behaviour, audience engagement, monetisation and content protection.

Watch Ben Morrell, Senior Technical Consultant for Media at Brightcove, as he elaborates the outlook for sports content over the next few years and shares his insights on the challenges and tremendous opportunities surrounding it.