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Hack Week Strikes Again

Hack Week Strikes Again

Twice a year we set aside time to give our engineers the opportunity to generate new ideas. As it’s called by companies across the globe, “hack week” is a chance for engineers to let their imaginations run wild to develop, well, pretty much anything. The Brightcove Hack Week Mission states that the week is about open ended exploration: find a project you’re passionate about, collaborate, and explore!

Last week we held our semi-annual hack week that ended with science fair style demos where our engineers showcased their ideas and went head-to-head with each other to determine a winner based on audience vote. The demos present an exciting opportunity not only for our engineers, but also for other employees to get a glimpse of the magic their fellow peers dreamed up and then made into reality.

Bound together by their dedication to Brightcove, close to 30 teams created some pretty incredible and expansive ideas. Touching upon angles for new products to new technologies and extensions of existing products, all the ideas have the potential to truly impact our business - and some ideas from hack week actually have.

By bringing together engineers from offices across the country, hack week enables deeper collaboration and teamwork, and also ignites that imaginative spark that is so important to companies who want to stay innovative. It’s a fun time for everyone that produces some great ideas.

Want to be a part of hack week by joining our team at Brightcove? Check out our openings and hear from Kirsten, our User Experience Director, below on why she enjoys working for Brightcove.

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