UPDATE: Brightcove Service Issues

UPDATE: Brightcove Service Issues

UPDATED AS OF 2:30 PM ET ON 9/20: Service Update: As we have described, starting approximately 40 hours ago Brightcove suffered a severe service disruption stemming from a DDoS attack early on Friday. Our teams have worked diligently around the clock to restore service and we are now in a position to say with confidence that the system is operational and stable, and all services have been restored.

Over the next several days we will have our Support Centers fully staffed to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have. We are continuing to monitor the health of our services and we are working with our Engineering team to provide you with a Service Incident Report (SIR) as swiftly as possible.

Once again we apologize for this event. We appreciate the manner in which many of you have partnered with us during this time and we are here to partner with you as your resume your work with Brightcove.

UPDATE AS OF 9:20 AM ET ON 9/20: We wanted to update you on our current situation. As we described earlier, approximately 34 hours ago, our service was the subject of a massive DDoS attack. As many of you unfortunately are aware, in recovering from this attack we suffered a significant system issue starting late yesterday. This has impacted your business, which is the very last thing we would want to happen. We apologize.

Our teams have been working around the clock to restore all aspects of our service to you. As many of you have seen we have posted status updates every 30 minutes through our System Status page. We will continue to do so. Although we have not yet been able to restore the service fully, we believe we have made significant progress and hope to be able to confirm full availability soon.

At the core of our organization is a deep dedication to our customers and your business objectives that drives each and every one of us to provide you with the service and support that you need. Please be assured that from Brightcove Engineering, to Technical Support to Senior management, each of us is working our hardest to bring this service disruption to the swiftest possible resolution.

Our Support Teams are waiting to field any direct questions you may have.

ORIGINAL POST: As many of you know, we are unfortunately experiencing severe service issues. We have determined that we suffered a massive distributed denial of service attack starting yesterday. We had recovered through our disaster recovery procedures but the extent of the attack has caused significant service problems as we are bringing the service back online. The team is hard at work. We will provide updates as we continue to gather information and work to restore full service.

We deeply apologize for the service interruptions and appreciate your support in meeting this challenge. We will provide more details as soon as possible.