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New Whitepaper: Strategies for Multi-Screen Video Ad Serving

New Whitepaper: Strategies for Multi-Screen Video Ad Serving

Selecting a video ad serving approach is one of the most important decisions made by a digital video company. An ad serving solution has a significant impact on a company’s ability to maximize video ad revenue while minimizing weekly operational overhead. As more devices have emerged and evolved and complexities have increased, new factors for consideration have surfaced. Companies are no longer constrained by traditional options for ad insertion and now have the ability to utilize a hybrid approach.

Our new whitepaper, Strategies for Multi-Screen Video Ad Serving, provides a comprehensive guide on the important aspects that make up video advertising, such as ad serving requirements, and also details the various solutions including:

  • Client-side ad serving: the most common architecture that has evolved from ad delivery to desktop devices
  • Cloud-based ad serving: a more recent innovation that addresses many client-side platform fragmentation challenges
  • Hybrid ad serving: a new, next generation solution that unifies the advantages of client- and cloud-based ad serving solutions

This whitepaper outlines the many advantages of adopting a hybrid ad serving approach, which include the ability to balance incremental deployment efforts and costs with accrued benefits.

To learn more about ad serving solutions and the benefits of a hybrid approach, download our whitepaper.