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Yelp’s New Video Feature - Powered by Brightcove

Yelp’s New Video Feature - Powered by Brightcove

We are excited to announce that Yelp’s newly launched video feature is being powered by Brightcove. With the help of the Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform and the Brightcove Zencoder cloud-based encoding service, Yelp users can now upload short video clips up to 12 seconds long through the Yelp iPhone app.

The videos will accompany a review and help users more fully capture the atmosphere of a business. From the outside scenery to the ambiance inside, videos will be more powerful than photos or text alone. Other users can easily view videos through the Yelp mobile app and “like” their favorite videos. Over time, the most popular and helpful videos will automatically rise to the top.

Yelp is relying on Brightcove Video Cloud to deliver its video feature to users on iPhones and iPads, with plans to add Android devices in the near future. Video Cloud is integrated with the existing Yelp content management system (CMS) that manages user-generated content to ensure videos are displayed in the correct profile within the Yelp ecosystem. Additionally, the iPhone app is taking advantage of the Brightcove Zencoder service to deliver the video to Video Cloud, where it is then encoded in various renditions to play back across devices.

This is an exciting step for Yelp and Brightcove is proud to partner with them as they evolve their business to align with the high success of video!

Brightcove Powers Yelp's New Video Feature