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Feeding World Cup Fever: Second Screen Experiences Give Fans More Access

Feeding World Cup Fever: Second Screen Experiences Give Fans More Access

Football fans around the globe have come down with a serious case of World Cup fever. With the 2014 FIFA World Cup officially underway, billions of people are tuning in to watch their favorite teams face off in the group stage of the tournament.

And if the 2010 World Cup is any indication, online video will once again play a major role in how fans gain access to the action -- more than 26 million hours of online viewing took place during the last tournament.

A total of 64 matches are set to take place in 12 cities across Brazil, concluding with the final on July 13, and Brightcove partner EVS is giving audiences even more access to the intense competition, along with some exciting extras.

EVS, a global provider of live video production systems, has joined forces with Brightcove to power transcoding for its C-Cast solution, a suite of tools that allows broadcasters to instantly deliver complementary content to viewers on web and mobile devices during live events.

By leveraging Brightcove's Zencoder cloud-based encoding service to power transcoding for C-Cast, EVS enables premier sports and entertainment broadcast customers around the world to create clips from their live broadcast workflow to deliver a wide range of second screen content to audiences on connected devices, providing a near real-time companion viewing experience.

With C-Cast, broadcasters can deliver an array of second screen content, such as multi-camera action review, key highlights browsing and review, stats-related content and player, team and personality tracking.

C-Cast bridges the gap between broadcast and online video workflows, and in doing so, unlocks the latent value in all of the footage shot at an event. The content that is published is not just clipped and repurposed from the broadcast feed. It's never been seen, which makes it highly desirable to a fan base, which in turn means it’s readily monetized through the usual paid apps and advertising, as well as new distribution and monetization opportunities with products such as Twitter's Amplify.


Zencoder's cloud-based approach gives organizations such as EVS access to unlimited video encoding power through a simple but powerful API, without the costs and complexity associated with managing expensive encoding hardware and/or software. Zencoder's API-driven video on-demand (VOD) service converts videos from websites, applications or video libraries into formats that enable organizations such as EVS to quickly deploy video to consumers on virtually any Internet-connected device. In addition to the VOD encoding service, Brightcove also offers the Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service that allows publishers to effortlessly scale live event transcoding.