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Colleges Turn to Online Video to Reach Students

Colleges Turn to Online Video to Reach Students

When it comes to deciding which college to attend, high school students have a plethora of options. And as traditional advertising methods - print, radio and television - have continued to gain smaller audiences, more and more colleges are turning to digital marketing to reach prospective students.

Online video has been a major player in this changing landscape, not only helping institutions appeal to the young subset of the population, but also providing useful insight as to who is watching.

Over the years, we've worked with colleges and universities throughout the world to engage their online viewers via powerful video experiences.

One of our customers, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), is widely recognized as the preeminent art and design college in the United States. With Brightcove's help, the institution was able to build out its admissions efforts with the creation of an Online Viewbook. The collection features video profiles of alumni, faculty and current students, giving RISD the ability to showcase all that it can offer prospective students.

You can read the full case study about our partnership with RISD here.

What's more is that online video is increasingly providing a method for non-traditional study -- coursework completed in part, or wholly online -- attracting a range of new students who might otherwise have foregone the college route.

A recent study showed that in the state of California alone, enrollment in online college courses grew by close to 1 million between 2002 and 2012. Another study found enrollment in online classes is skyrocketing nationwide -- as of 2010, close to 7.2 million college students were taking at least one online class.

Brightcove's online video platform services and range of products can help support online learning initiatives, rounding out the academic offerings of institutions making the transition into this digital age.

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