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Video Moves Business—Engaging Customers on Mobile

Video Moves Business—Engaging Customers on Mobile

No business can afford to remain stuck on desktop computers. As mobility transforms modern lifestyles, you've got to be able to reach and engage customers wherever they go, on whatever device they use. But how likely are they to respond to cramped static ads on smartphones and tablets that only block the content they're really trying to see? With mobile video, you can transcend the limitations of small screen sizes with full sound-and-motion experiences that capitalize on the runaway (no pun intended) popularity of mobile video.

Mobile video isn't just for kids anymore. A full 41 percent of American adults who own cell phones use them to watch video. Online video accounts for half of all mobile trafficmore than two-thirds on some networks. And this growth shows no sign of slowing; the latest projections call for mobile video to account for 66 percent of all mobile data traffic by 2017.

Mobile video delivers more than entertainment—for brands, it delivers impressive and rising engagement. The average click-through-rate of mobile video campaigns increased by more than 265 percent between Q4 2012 and Q3 2013, reaching 13.64 percent. Almost 40 percent of consumers have said that video increases the chance they'll make a purchase on a mobile device.

By making video an integrated part of your mobile strategy, you place your brand at the nexus of the two biggest online trends today—digital video and mobile—so you can tell your story and win customers wherever people go.

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