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Video Moves Business—Boosting Landing Page Conversions

Video Moves Business—Boosting Landing Page Conversions

Whatever type of campaign or promotion you're running, the landing page is where it all comes together. You've got people to your door—now you've got just a few seconds to draw them in before they wander away to the next online attraction. How will you make your landing page the lynchpin of your campaign's success, and not the place where marketing goals are dashed?

With online video, you can tell your story in a more vivid, engaging way than static text and images ever could, making people much more likely to take the next step through the conversion funnel. In fact, landing pages including videos are expected to see an 86 percent increase in conversions in 2014. One statistical analysis found that a video-enhanced landing page has a 99 percent likelihood of outperforming a plain text version.

It's not just about luring people in with an entertaining clip, though; online video is an ideal way to provide the kind of detailed product information that earns consideration and helps people gain the confidence to explore your offering further. More than three out of five consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video that educates them about a product they plan to purchase, and 37 percent will watch for more than three minutes.

People who reach your landing page have already taken an active step to interact with your brand. Reward their attention with the kind of content they most enjoy and value—and use the unrivaled storytelling power of video to generate more conversions for click you earn.

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