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Video Moves Business—The Changing Perspective of Brand Marketers

Video Moves Business—The Changing Perspective of Brand Marketers

Brand marketers are looking at online video in new ways. More and more, they understand that it's not about generating views for their own sake—instead, the real strategic value of video is in moving the needle on the metrics that really matter—things like mobile engagement, conversions and cart size.

Consider a simple example. Let's say you spend $100,000 on Google AdWords. People who click through to your landing page convert at a rate of about .02 percent—not bad, but it could be better. Tweaking the wording and design of the landing page can nudge your conversions up a little, but rarely enough to get excited about. Now, try adding video to that same landing page. Research suggests you'll double your conversion rate—and double the value of that same AdWords investment. Twice as many customers for the same money. That's more like it, right?

The same principle can apply to marketing programs of all kinds, from paid search to direct email to mobile engagement. The higher-value your content, the better it performs, and there's no form of content consumers value more than video. Brands are already seeing powerful results from online video, not just in soft metrics like brand awareness and affinity, but in real bottom-line impact. The key is to stop thinking about video as just another type of content asset, and use it as a marketing program accelerator—something that can turbocharge your other marketing programs effectively increasing your total marketing ROI .

In "Video Moves Business," a series of posts on the Brightcove blog, we'll look at the many ways video is helping marketers achieve their goals and boost marketing ROI. You'll learn about the latest data and best practices on using video to:

  • Lengthen time-on-site
  • Engage consumers on mobile
  • Increase landing page conversions
  • Increase direct mail opens and reduce opt-outs
  • Boost cart sizes and reduce abandons and returns

We're big believers in the power of online video at Brightcove, of course, but we don't expect you to take our word for it. With "Video Moves Business," we'll back it up with hard numbers and clear business results to help you understand exactly how online video can help move your business forward.

Stay tuned!