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Zencoder Launches Support for Advanced Encoding Formats, Brings Broadcast and Professional Workflows to the Cloud

Today, we are excited to unveil our support for advanced encoding formats. Zencoder will now support HEVC, MPEG-TS, JPEG 2000 and AVC-Intra, bringing the power of cloud encoding to broadcast and professional workflows. Additionally, Zencoder will also support MXF container for conformity with DPP guidelines for European broadcasters. With today’s announcement, Zencoder is applying the elastic scalability of the cloud to solve encoding challenges for a new segment of the production workflow. Just as Zencoder empowered publishers to rapidly transcode video to support the fragmented Web and mobile ecosystem, the service is now enabling broadcasters and professional content providers to scale their media processing operations in the cloud. Zencoder’s support for advanced encoding formats is critically important as the OTT and streaming landscape continues to expand. The market is disparate and demands that content providers:
  • Create a video rendition for every streaming outlet
  • Create files for endpoints for international subsidiaries and distribution partners
  • Provide encoded libraries of content to support licensing deals
All of these initiatives can be costly when relying on on-premise encoders. Cloud encoding for these workflows alleviates cost concerns and helps publishers to better plan for capacity. For our customers in the broadcast realm and within other professional workflows, support for H.265 (HEVC) and MPEG-DASH is particularly important. Because H.265 promises to deliver high-quality video at lower-bitrates - ideal for 4K/Ultra HD - broadcasters are hyper-focused on related support for this standard. Additionally, MPEG-DASH will serve as an international standard that will potentially unify cross-platform workflows. We are very excited to provide premium publishers with seamless encoding solutions that will simplify incredibly complex workflows. Advanced Encoding Formats are now in beta. Contact us to learn more about participating in this beta program.