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[VIDEO] Get Reel with Renee: Discussing What's Happening in Online Video

[VIDEO] Get Reel with Renee: Discussing What's Happening in Online Video

This video is part of a series featuring industry perspective and insight from key players in the digital media and broader technology ecosystem. The series stems from a range of interviews recently conducted by Brightcove account director Renee Teeley.

Worldwide networking leader Cisco Systems strives to transform "how people connect, communicate and collaborate"--and video is a key component of the company's customer communications strategy.

In fact, in this installment of "Get Reel with Renee," Laurent Bridenne, a digital business consultant at Cisco Systems, discusses the importance of integrating online video into external communications efforts.

Tune in to the video below for the complete conversation, which focuses on:

  • How Cisco Systems has used online video--powered by Brightcove Video Cloud--to augment customer support, bolster company communication and capture industry attention
  • The benefits of video, such as the ability to convey highly complex messages through visual imagery and to condense whitepapers into short, captivating presentations
  • Keeping a client's digital journey in mind when creating online videos, which in turn helps to determine: the usefulness of the video content; the appropriate length for the video; and a video's optimal placement on Cisco Systems' corporate Web presence