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[VIDEO] The Digital First Age and the Future of Video Advertising

[VIDEO] The Digital First Age and the Future of Video Advertising

In the early life of television, the broadcaster had a direct relationship with the audience through their broadcast networks, but the audience members were not customers and could not be addressed in a one-to-one fashion. At the same time, consumers were willing to put up with low quality and a bevy of advertisements just to have access to the miraculous technology that the television represented.

With the recent rise of the pay TV era, the infrastructure for broadcast distribution shifted to aggregators, such as MSOs and satellite providers. Massive technological fragmentation occurred, along with a multitude of proprietary approaches to delivering and monetizing content. And consumers in this era were, and still are, willing to pay a premium to access higher quality content or to remove ads from their viewing experience.

We are now entering the third age of the evolution of the television experience: the "Digital First" age. In the Digital First age, cloud software breakthroughs make it possible for broadcasters and TV programmers to connect directly with consumers and deliver personalized content and advertising in a one-to-one fashion. Consumers get the premium content they want, when they want it. Broadcasters and programmers are able to deliver more value to advertisers by offering a more targeted and engaged audience. And advertisers are able to reach consumers with more brand impact, better engagement and conversion.

In order for the Digital First age to deliver on this promise though, there needs to be a strong advertising model behind it to fuel the development of content and the technology to deliver it.

This was a driving force in Brightcove's recent acquisition of Unicorn Media, as together the two companies are able to offer the most comprehensive suite of cloud services for delivering and monetizing online video content in the Digital First age. To discuss this in more detail, we sat down with the newest members of our team to get their take on what the Digital First age really means for broadcasters and consumers and why 2014 will be an important year of growth for online video advertising.