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[VIDEO] Competition is Fierce at the Brightcove Olympics

[VIDEO] Competition is Fierce at the Brightcove Olympics

As we all know, the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are quickly approaching. I've always loved watching "the Games" and can't wait for Opening Ceremonies and the competition that will follow.

This Olympic season, though, Brightcove got into the Olympics spirit early. To kick-off 2014 and get to know our new colleagues at Unicorn Media, we hosted a highly competitive "Brightcove Olympics" on January 13th. Let's just say, things got...intense.

But don't take my word for it, take a look at this very serious documentary* of the Winter Olympics, Brightcove-style. 


Also, check out some additional coverage of the event on our Facebook page.

*Some might call it a mockumentary, but not us