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Geocast TV Taps the Brightcove Smart Player API to Launch

Geocast TV Taps the Brightcove Smart Player API to Launch

Geocast TV, London-based digital specialists that work with clients to produce strategic video assets, recently launched U.K.'s official tourism video portal. The responsive website offers video reporting on a plethora of topics of interest to travelers, including: food and drink, culture, local attractions, shopping and much, much more. Curious about where to stay on the Isle of Wight, for example? Here's a helpful video.

To create a video-rich website, Geocast TV relied upon the Brightcove Smart Player API to develop a new "TV platform" for VisitBritain, featuring a fully customized Brightcove Video Cloud player. The customized Smart Player allows VisitBritain to automatically deliver either Flash or HTML5 video content to viewers, dependent upon the viewing device and operating system they're using.

Geocast TV also tapped Brightcove Video Cloud for its seamless, multi-bitrate streaming functionality. This technology detects viewers' bandwidth and then automatically delivers the best available rendition based upon that information. As a result, VisitBritain can feel confident that viewers have access to broadcast-quality video content on a plethora of viewing devices--including a wide array of smartphones and tablets.

Brightcove Video Cloud allows the Geocast TV team to focus on content creation, production and marketing--and helping people to plan their British vacations!-- while Video Cloud handles delivery, distribution and management.

To learn more about Brightcove Video Cloud and how to implement the Smart Player API, please visit this page.