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Brightcove's New Year's Gift for the Drupal Community: Caching and Exportables

Brightcove's New Year's Gift for the Drupal Community: Caching and Exportables

Kristof van Tomme is the owner and CEO of Pronovix, a Belgian-Hungarian software development company that specializes in Drupal and is Brightcove's Drupal integration partner.

If you are looking for enterprise-grade video hosting for your Drupal site, Brightcove is at the top of the list. In my opinion, though, what really sets Brightcove apart is its dedication to and support for the open source communities it integrates with. I'm a regular attendee of a whole string of Drupal events throughout Europe and some of the largest events in the U.S., and Brightcove is always a major presence. Whether it's through the live streaming of the Drupalcon keynotes, offering support for the Drupal Association or lending sponsorship to some of our community's events, Brightcove makes Drupal a priority.

And, while many software-as-a-service providers leave the maintenance of their integration modules for Drupal to their customers or to unpaid volunteers from the community, Brightcove has been working with us to make sure there is dedicated staff always available to deal with critical issues. I think this allocation of resources demonstrates the company's commitment to its clients and the communities that support them.

Brightcove Video Cloud is a popular tool, and--as a result--has a lot of feature requests in the issue queue. We haven't been able to address all of them...yet. But, at the end of 2013 Brightcove asked us to implement two frequently requested features on top of our maintenance engagement. These features are particularly important if you are running a larger website. They are: caching and exportables.

  • Caching: We are adding support for database, file and memcache caching. This will help high-traffic sites, as they will now be able to configure a local cache for the video results that a site derives from Brightcove Video Cloud. This is critical to preventing timeouts when popular sites are pulling down video lists from Video Cloud.
  • Exportables: When you have an enterprise development workflow, you need to move configurations between different environments. In Drupal 7, the established way to do this is through features and the exportables you can create with it. This is now possible for Brightcove Video Cloud Drupal module configurations.

You can try out both features in the 7.x-5.0 branch.