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What's New at Zencoder (December 2013)

Google Cloud Storage

Zencoder now supports Google Cloud Storage (GCS), which joins our currently supported Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files. You can now push and pull content from GCS by specifying URLs with the new gcs:// protocol name. Check out documentation on URL or base URL for more information.

Encrypted Inputs

With encrypted inputs, you can set up fully-encrypted encoding pipelines with Zencoder. This means that content is never available unencrypted at any point during the transcoding process. We've written a short guide on using encrypted inputs and outpus in this blog post.

Packaged Outputs

When working with adaptive streaming protocols that generate lots of small files (for example, HLS), it can be desirable to receive all of the files as a single package on your server, instead of hundreds of small segment files. To this end, we've added two new parameters on Outputs, package_filename and package_format.

Secondary URLs

When a live stream goes down, people notice, so ensuring reliability for live events is critical. Because of this, we do a lot of work to ensure the Zencoder Live Transcoding platform is fault-tolerant and fast. However, there can be failures (for example, if the Primary CDN endpoint goes down) at any step of the live stream delivery pipeline, and to account for these, redundancy is critical. We've recently added a new parameter to Outputs, called secondary_url, which works for both VOD and Live encoding jobs. By setting a secondary_url on a Live output, Zencoder will upload to both endpoints in parallel, so if the primary endpoint fails, you'll be able to seamlessly cut over to the secondary endpoint.