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Live Video Skyrockets in 2013

Live Video Skyrockets in 2013

We're all in when it comes to the power of live broadcasting--and we recognize that it's a transformational technology for marketers and media companies alike. Anecdotally, we know that live streaming has surged in popularity, but we wanted to check our own customer data sets to understand just how much more prominent live streaming has become in recent years.

So, we recruited our analytics team to do some quick number crunching for us. And what did we find? Live events produced by our customers saw:

  • A 5x increase from 2011-2012
  • Another 5x increase from 2012-2013...
  • Translating to a 27x increase between 2011 and 2013

That's massive. This very quick analysis of our data suggests that live video streaming is a priority for our diverse set of customers--across media, sports & entertainment, television, enterprises and beyond. 2013 was a particularly banner year for live streaming given tentpole, shared events (i.e. President Obama's second Inauguration, the birth of the royal baby Prince George). And with the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the World Cup in Brazil quickly approaching, consumer demand and expectation for immediate, high-quality access to live video content will only continue to grow.

Our view is that a committment to live streaming by our customers is essentially table stakes at this juncture. What's most important now is a committment to ensuring that live video works across multiple screens, integrates fully with advertising systems for monetization opportunities, syncs with analytics platforms and offers social-sharing functionality. Live stream quality should be as strong as video on-demand, without buffering but with a faster route to monetization (via live ad insertion or pay-per-view-only access).

We're incredibly excited by the power of live and what it can do for our customers' brand building and content delivery plans in 2014. You can learn more about our live stream offerings here and here.