Brightcove is Reinvesting in Your Wordpress Site

Brightcove is Reinvesting in Your Wordpress Site

Lucas Shaffer is the owner of Stand And Stretch, a digital agency and Brightcove's WordPress integration partner. 

You've invested your time and money into a WordPress site. And now you're looking around for opportunity to make it better than the next by integrating your videos housed in Brightcove Video Cloud. You’re in luck! We’re completing work with Brightcove to redevelop the original plugin and bring a creative approach to displaying your video players. Today, we are proud to announce that you can now install or update your Brightcove Video Cloud plugin and enjoy a consistent experience.  

It's quick, it's easy…and it's free.

With a simple search from your WordPress site, you can now download the latest Brightcove Video Cloud player technology providing your rich media into your blog posts and content pages. We've been able to work with the Brightcove team to uncover a few issues from the previous deployment and have dedicated our time and effort to supporting Brightcove as it continues to respond to what customers demand and require.

The latest revision of the Brightcove Video Cloud Plugin works with the latest 3.7.2 version and provides a simple to use interface with quick setup and shortcode access. You must have a Video Cloud [non-trial] account to use the plugin. If you don't have an account, learn more here. We've created a short tutorial on how to install, setup and use the plugin (see tutorial video below).


Once installed properly, you simply pass your Brightcove Video Cloud account information in the correct spot and you're ready to implement new media into your content today. The shortcode is automatically generated through the 'Add Media' button so the ease of use will make sure your experience with the plugin is intuitive and simple.

You can change the default height and width and other options to display the media how you like. Our recommendation is to build a WordPress player in the "Publishing" area of Video Cloud studio and utilize it to optimize the best parameters for your site's layout. That way, you can utilize your player independently by controlling the WordPress-specific parameters while leaving your other players set for other media display.

What's new to the plugin?

  1. Better coding practices to ensure reliability for upcoming WordPress framework releases
  2. Deployed relative Brightcove scripts to increase speed of the Brightcove Experience library
  3. jQuery encapsulation to easily regulate changes in the WordPress core file system
  4. Ongoing Support in the PlugIn support forums--please ask us for help!

We understand WordPress is a continually changing framework that requires someone to stay in front of any of the issues that may stem from a core file upgrade. Finding an amazing plugin and then discovering that it has received ZERO support is a very disheartening occurrence. Brightcove has chosen the team at Stand And Stretch as the preferred WordPress Development vendor and we look forward to helping grow the plugin over the next year. Our team will be here when you need us.

We love innovative new products here at Stand And Stretch. Our relationship with Brightcove is just beginning, so use the plugin and ask us anything. If you have a new idea, please don't hesitate to submit using the WordPress support forum. Or if you have any other questions or comments, please email us through our support help desk (

Lucas Shaffer has led a team of professionals at Stand And Stretch to develop and manage interactive products using web, social and mobile technologies to increase the affinity between brands and their customers. Along with being an early adopter in social media and its uses for online marketing in Columbus Georgia, Lucas is also a dedicated blogger who often writes about giving the insider perspective for businesses, fatherhood, a love for food, social media, entrepreneurship and product design.