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Node Knockout 2013: A video is worth a bajillion words

Hello Node Knockout devs! If you're doing anything with audio or video in your application, Zencoder is here to make things easier. We provide a simple API for transcoding files or live streams, and we're giving free transcoding minutes to Node KO particpants.

Just a few of the things we can help with:

Getting Started

All it takes to get started is an account with Zencoder, so first you'll need to sign up. Once you have an account, we'll provide an API key that you can use to start creating jobs.

To make things easier, we provide an integration library that is available as an NPM module.

  1. Install the package: npm install zencoder --save
  2. Start using it!

var zencoder = require('zencoder')('your_zencoder_api_key');
  input: ''
}, function(err, data) {
  // do something with the response

Once you're up and running, you'll probably want to start running jobs that are longer than 5 seconds (every account starts in integration mode). If you send us an email with your team name and the email you used to sign up, we'll set the account up with minutes to use during the hackathon.

Questions? Just ask!

We're available to help throughout the entire event, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. You can find us on Twitter @zencoderinc (you can also ping me directly @matt_mcclure) or by email You can also get help via live chat through the dashboard.


Happy hacking!