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Epic, Compelling Video Stories Work

Epic, Compelling Video Stories Work

Our Conversation to Conversion webinar series is in full effect! Next Thursday, October 17th, Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute will join us to discuss how today's leading brands are using content marketing--and video specifically--to accelerate the sales cycle. We sat down with Joe for a sneak preview of next week's webinar content. Read on!

Q: In your view, what has caused content marketing to soar in importance as a brand-building tactic over the last several years?
A: Our customers are bombarded by over 5,000 messages per day, and yet, our customers are engaging in much more "quality" information as part of the buying process. If we can cut through all the clutter and become the "go-to" resource for our customers, and deliver that content on a regular basis, customers tend to buy more things from us and be more loyal.

Most brands have run into this area because they can. There are no barriers to entry. At the same time, most brands have no understanding of basic publishing principles, which is why there is so much horrible content being produced and distributed.

To sum up: consumers control the buying process, they have all the information they need at their fingertips, brands are trying to take advantage of this now and putting major resources and budgets to it.

Q: As a content marketing medium, why is video more effective than static text?
A: Almost anything visual will outperform static text. According to PRNewswire, video and images can provide 10x the amount of engagement. Yes, video is critical, but I'm more concerned that the video is both helpful and entertaining, and really does solve a problem for the buyer at the right time in the buying process. What I LOVE right now about video is we are seeing both short and longer form video thrive. There is no silver bullet to how this can work. Epic, compelling video stories work.

Q: Can you cite examples of brands that have derived significant ROI from an online video marketing campaign?
A: My favorite example of this is Jyske Bank in Denmark. Jyske Bank is a self-proclaimed media company that also happens to be a bank (they have a state-of-the-art video production facility inside the bank). Because they have built a loyal audience through video, they now have a number of organizations that want to partner with them (for free), when normally they would have to pay a sponsorship fee. I have a full case study here on Jyske.

Q: What excites you most about video and its growing role of importance in the content marketing sphere?
A: Video has grown as fast or faster than any other tactic for content marketers. The critical aspect of this is that there are no barriers to entry anymore for brands. In the past, to get into the video game, it could have cost tens to hundreds of thousands just to get rolling. Today, even small organizations, such as OpenView Venture Partners, have a studio inside their office. All of this means that video is a viable option for all brands, as long as they take a strategic approach to video and use it consistently (not just as a one-off campaign).

Q:Who should join this webinar, and why can't they miss it?
A: I'm very excited to have a lively discussion with Ann Handley of MarketingProfs and the Brightcove team about the results of our 4th annual content marketing benchmarks study. There are some truly amazing findings this year, and we will be discussing these in depth during the webinar.

You can register for the webinar featuring Joe Pulizzi here.