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AOL On Network Chooses Zencoder for Cloud Transcoding

Today, we're excited to announce that The AOL On Network, the portal that houses all of AOL's video offerings in a central location, has selected Brightcove's Zencoder cloud-based encoding service to drive transcoding for the network's 15 video content channels. Relying on Brightcove's Zencoder, The AOL On Network is empowered to rapidly deliver high-quality video on-demand (VOD) content to its fast-growing audience of 71 million consumers on every platform and device. The AOL On Network has established itself as one of the top two video destinations on the Web--quite a feat. We're thrilled that The AOL On Network chose to standardize on Brightcove's Zencoder, taking advantage of the Zencoder service's fast video processing power to achieve time and cost savings throughout the network's transcoding, storage and delivery workflow. This expedited process ensures that The AOL On Network can quickly deliver its sought-after video content to viewers on the platform and device of their choosing. Most significantly, The AOL On Network opted for Brightcove's Zencoder service due to its industry-leading support for Apple's HLS protocol. Zencoder has developed a custom-built HLS solution that creates smaller HLS files and repackages MP4s as HLS files. This is a fancy way of saying that Zencoder allows The AOL On Network to encode an MP4 and simultaneously create an HLS stream. We're delighted to be aligned with a video powerhouse such as The AOL On Network; learn more about the news here.