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Become a Data-driven Video Publisher with Engagement Scoring

Become a Data-driven Video Publisher with Engagement Scoring

According to CISCO's annual Visual Networking Index, "By 2016, 1.2 million video minutes―the equivalent of 833 days (or over two years) ―would travel the Internet every second." Media companies and digital marketers are truly producing more content than ever; in fact, on a daily basis Brightcove delivers almost a century of video on our platform. On a typical morning between 9:00 - 10:00 a.m., 400 to 500 videos are viewed each second and the Video Cloud analytics platform collects an average of about 13,000 pieces of data per second.

Successful online video initiatives require access to robust and accurate analytics. One of the key questions you should always be asking is, "How good is my online video content?" However, this can be tricky to determine. Looking at basic video views data is useful for gauging how well you are encouraging viewers to click play, but it's just as important to understand what happens after your viewers start watching. A good video is one that piques viewer interest early, grabs the viewer's attention and persuades them to continue watching until the end. It's important that you know how long viewers are staying engaged with your video and when they're leaving.

With the explosion of online video content, it's becoming increasingly difficult to sort through data from thousands of videos to identify which are the most engaging and interesting to viewers. Brightcove Video Cloud's video engagement reports were designed with this in mind and enable you to easily identify your strongest and weakest video assets at-a-glance. Videos that produce the highest engagement score (measured by Brightcove's proprietary methodology) among your viewers should be candidates for enhanced visibility on your Web properties and further promotion. Conversely, if you see videos with a low engagement score, you should consider removing them from your library to streamline navigation to your high-value content. Our analytics system will automatically calculate an engagement score for all of your videos regardless of video length, and through the use of an average of the percent watched per video view it's easy to compare videos of different durations.

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