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Aberdeen: Companies Using Video in their Content Marketing Mix Show 45% Higher Conversion Rates

Aberdeen: Companies Using Video in their Content Marketing Mix Show 45% Higher Conversion Rates

Next week marks the beginning of our Conversation to Conversion webinar series, free events featuring prominent content marketing thought leaders who will discuss the industry issues that matter most to you. We're getting very excited! To help to hold us over until the series actually kicks off, we sat down with these featured thought leaders to ask them for insight into content marketing’s success--specifically, how video translates into sales conversion. First up is Trip Kucera, senior research analyst for marketing effectiveness and strategy at the Aberdeen Group.

Q: In your view, what has caused content marketing to soar in importance as a brand-building tactic over the last several years?
A: Content marketing is a response to the "hidden sales cycle," which is the impact of friction-free access to content and community that shapes buyers' tastes, preferences, perceptions and priorities. Customers have an increasing number of channels through which to reach a rich and diverse source of information, and all of this generally happens well before brands have an opportunity to engage the buyer directly. The response is to become part of the mix, a source of information and entertainment.

Q: As a content marketing medium, why is video more effective than static text?
A: I wouldn't assert that video is more effective versus other media types, static or otherwise; however, our research shows that video is both the most-used media type for ungated and social content, and more likely to be used by top-performing companies, leaders in Aberdeen’s lexicon, in both cases. As to why? There's probably some great non-linguistic research that can speak to the way video stimulates various regions of the brain, etc. Personally, I think video feels a little bit like a high-information or high-entertainment break.

Q: How does video viewing translate into sales? Can we prove that video drives prospective customers down the funnel?
A: Our research shows, and keep in mind this is correlation, not causation, that companies using video in their content marketing mix show 45 percent higher marketing conversion rates, and nearly twice the website conversion rate compared with non-users.

Q: Who should join this webinar, and why can't they miss it?
A: First, there are some great speakers across the whole series--it's like a one-stop shop for some of the best thinking about content marketing and the role of video. As for my participation, I think Aberdeen's crowdsourced model of performance-based benchmarking offers a unique perspective. It allows us to look at what top-performing companies are doing differently. I liken it to getting to look over the shoulder of the smartest kid in class to see how they organize their Trapper Keeper.

You can register for one, or all, of the Conversation to Conversion webinars here.