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[VIDEO] CareerBuilder Helps Companies Use Video to Find the Perfect Candidate

[VIDEO] CareerBuilder Helps Companies Use Video to Find the Perfect Candidate

At our recent user conference Brightcove PLAY, Andy Plesser from Beet.TV interviewed many of our customers and partners about the pressing industry issues that are shaping their businesses. The post below features a video interview with Patrick Moye, director, design, video and branding at

CareerBuilder, a premier employment website, works to connect job seekers with prospective employers--and they use online video to assist in the process. Patrick Moye, director of design, video and branding at says that because moving into a new job is such a tremendous life change, candidates are really doing their research before pursuing new opportunities. In conjunction with this job-searching trend, the companies that rely on CareerBuilder to help them to find the right match recognize that video is a tremendously powerful tool for demonstrating their brand personality. Through video, job seekers can gauge if a new role will mesh with their work style and work ethic.

CareerBuilder believes in the power of video and the influence it can have on recruitment efforts. Tune in to the video below for tips from Patrick on the types of video that can support the hiring process; Patrick suggests that brands:

  • Use video to tell your organization's unique story and special value proposition.
  • Deliver a compelling message and call-to-action for job seekers.
  • Use video to tell a story about the types of positions that you are most eager to hire for; for instance, create a "day in the life" video featuring the types of people in your organization that you would "clone" if you could--these videos will help you to attract like-minded talent.
  • Take advantage of platforms that allow for the seamless delivery of mobile video; consider the fact that CareerBuilder almost doubled its video views after making them available on mobile platforms and it's apparent that mobile access matters.