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Tropfest Relies on Brightcove Video Cloud for Secure Management of Film Fest Assets

Tropfest Relies on Brightcove Video Cloud for Secure Management of Film Fest Assets

Australia-based Tropfest has grown to be the world's largest short film festival over the course of two decades. Each year, the festival garners hundreds of short film submissions and attracts an audience of more than 150,000 people. As the festival grew in popularity over the years, it kept pace with technology advancements and began to accept film festival submissions online. Initially, Tropfest selected YouTube as its online video partner--but it soon recognized the need to gain more control over film festival content as well as the value of developing a more seamless process for sharing festival content with preselected judges. In advance of the 2013 festival, Tropfest selected a professional online video platform (OVP).

Unfortunately, the first OVP that Tropfest partnered with was unable to process the influx of submissions that it received...and it crashed, taking with it the films already submitted along with their accompanying, identifying data. Tropfest's organizers didn’t despair; instead, they turned to Brightcove Video Cloud to get the festival's submission process back on track.

Video Cloud not only "saved the day," it also enhanced the experience for both filmmakers and judges. This is because Video Cloud allows entrants to upload films in a wide variety of formats--previously, only FLV videos were accepted--and up to 800MB in size. Video Cloud also made it possible for filmmakers to upload their work in high definition. At the same time, Tropfest gained more control over its video assets through the creation of a secure library.

Are you eager to experience the Tropfest submission process for yourself? You're in luck, because the entry period begins on August 15th.

To learn more about how Tropfest has succeeded with Brightcove Video Cloud, you can read the complete case study here. The Australian also recently wrote about Tropfest’s Video Cloud adoption; you can read the full article here.