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Toyota Relies on Brightcove Video Cloud to Manage Vast Online Video Library

Toyota Relies on Brightcove Video Cloud to Manage Vast Online Video Library

Toyota Motor Company of Japan has built a global reputation for quality, dependability and innovation. The ubiquitous auto brand has also made waves with its television advertising campaigns--which often feature popular music and well-known celebrities. Toyota's ads are so successful that viewers (i.e. prospective car buyers) frequently visit the automaker's website specifically to watch the ads again and again, or to learn more about the artists whose work is on display in the ads.

As a result of this interest, Toyota has built a robust video content library to house commercials as well as videos that highlight specific car models and their various technology integrations and benefits. While Toyota was an early adopter of online video in the auto world, the company struggled with poor video quality and mobile incompatibility. To remedy this, Toyota sought a new content management system to improve their online video delivery and management. The company's search led its online video team to Brightcove Video Cloud, which it implemented in early 2013. The benefits that Toyota enjoys due to its use of Video Cloud include:

  • Simple, centralized management for its large video library where each asset possesses unique copyright guidelines and other conditions
  • The ability to share video in the highest quality to viewers on any platform or device
  • Automatic georestrictions and availability limitations
  • Tremendous insight into audience profiles and viewership levels, which helps Toyota to better gauge the marketing success of its online video assets

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