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Optimizing User-Experience for Monetized IP Video

Optimizing User-Experience for Monetized IP Video

The television viewing experience is common to most of the world these days; you sit back, relax and watch segments of content interspersed seamlessly with blocks of advertising. This model of media consumption is firmly ingrained in the mindset of today's consumers, but, to the frustration of viewers and advertisers alike, the mobile IP video experience frequently presents a different and somewhat uncomfortable watching experience. Analogous to the dreaded "dead air" of traditional broadcast, mobile IP video content is often separated from advertising by buffer time, switching players, spinning pinwheels, changing scrub bars, and other visual and temporal elements that disrupt the lean-back experience and irritate users.

In addition, IP video platforms often face an extra layer of difficulty – the ease with which a user can find close substitutes for a given piece of content or platform. While the traditional broadcast model has somewhat relied on exclusivity of content, in the IP video space, there are nearly always other options for users to pursue if they are unhappy with the experience of a particular platform. This underscores the necessity of providing a fluid, integrated viewing experience, which is as immersive as possible.

Brightcove provides solutions to these problems as part of its server-side dynamic ad insertion product, Brightcove Once. Brightcove Once provides advertisers with the ability to serve tightly targeted linear video ads to consumers of live and video-on-demand streams, while conditioning and inserting those ads in real time for each unique device and network condition.

What this means for consumers is a personalized, monetized viewing experience that closely mirrors the television experience – no "dead air," no pinwheels, no switching of players or streams. This appears to the end-user to be a single, congruent piece of content, exactly like watching a show with advertising on television, while providing the advertiser with the ability to target their ad creatives down to the individual viewer, and ensuring optimal playback by utilizing the native playback component of the device. Providing users an environment like this, in the native video player of their device, with no switching of streams, leads to both higher user satisfaction and retention, as well as increased ad revenue.

While the seamless televisual experience of Brightcove Once fills the gaps felt by broadcasters in IP video, some environments lend themselves to more active user engagement, such as clickable overlay ads, or even interactive "mini-game" ad pods. Brightcove also provides a solution for rich-client devices with their Brightcove OnceUX product. Taking advantage of the VMAP standard, OnceUX provides developers with all the tools they need to create engaging and exciting products combining linear video and interactive advertising, while leveraging Once's leading device detection, video conditioning and analytics suite.

The mobile IP video space is full of unique challenges and staggering opportunity. Utilizing Brightcove Once provides the tools to create relevant, satisfying and seamless video experiences. Whether it is a lean-back feature film monetized with television-like ad breaks, or an in-app live video stream with interactive advertising, Brightcove has the solution.