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Available Now: Brightcove PLAY 2013 Video Archive

Available Now: Brightcove PLAY 2013 Video Archive

At PLAY 2013, an exciting group comprised of our customers, our partners and other key industry thought leaders gathered in Boston to discuss pressing trends in online video. We're sad that the event is over, and wish that we could relive it over and over again. Thankfully, cameras were rolling throughout the entire event and now we have an opportunity to revisit PLAY 2013 through a vast array of online video assets.

Today, we unveil the PLAY 2013 Video Archive. All keynotes and session discussions are now available for you to review at your convenience through this comprehensive portal. For PLAY attendees, we hope that you will review your favorite sessions or ones you might have missed onsite. We also encourage you to share these videos with friends and colleagues who might not have had a chance to participate in PLAY 2013 in-person. For members of our Brightcove network who were unable to attend PLAY 2013, peruse the sessions to hear discussion centering on the following topics and more:

  • Growing your online audience
  • Advanced advertising and monetization
  • TV Everywhere
  • Enterprise online video strategy
  • Connected TV
  • Content marketing and video
  • HTML5 video monetization and measurement
  • Video, mobile Web and responsive design
  • Driving conversions through video-enhanced e-commerce
  • Building a content app strategy
  • And much more!

You will notice a navigation bar on the left-hand side of the archive. This tool will allow you to filter the video content by year--in case you would also like to check out video content from PLAY 2011 and 2012-- as well as by session track (keynote, strategy, developer, user and training). Enjoy the trip down PLAY 2013 memory lane, and we hope you'll begin to look forward to the next PLAY event--it's less than a year away.